Top 5 Heart Health Tips

Nine out of ten Canadians have at least one risk factor for heart disease, which is our second leading cause of death. But the power of prevention is in your hands says Registered Dietitian Daphna Steinberg. So lifestyle is the cornerstone for prevention and for treatment, as well as an adjunct to medication. She offers… Read More »

Tips to Eat Right & Sleep Less For Students

If we eat right and do certain things with your body you can drop your sleep quota I am getting lazy and I am sleeping averaging somewhere around four-and-a-half hours now Text On Screen: Tips to Eat Right & Sleep less for Student- Sadhguru Interviewer: What type of food we should eat so that our… Read More »

How Do You Tell A Girl You Love Her?

Love does all these things to you. You are havinga great love affair, just enjoy it.. You may think I am a hero but well the girl,she has her opinions. Your nose can be like this, it doesn’t matter.Joyful face is always a beautiful face. Moderator (Abhijeet): Okay, Sadhguru ji,this is very common in my… Read More »

The Right Age To Have A Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

See, if two bodies are rubbing, only skin is touching, all right? I hold that kind of relationships with people, where my life energies reverberates with their life energy. Those plants which bear fruit too early willnever become full-fledged trees. Superscript: The Right Age To HaveA Boyfriend or Girlfriend? Interviewer (Pooja): So the next questionhas… Read More »

Healthy yoga Tips from sadghuru

Your ability to resist these kind of invasions upon your life will be greatly, greatly enhanced. You must take enormous careabout the water because it’s 72% If you do this, you will see half your problems of health minimum fifty percent will go away in six weeks’ time. Vital Health Tips During Covid-19 #1 Boost… Read More »